FMI Corporation Launches Ethics Hotline

FMI Corporation, the largest provider of management consulting and investment banking to the engineering and construction industry, announces that they have implemented the Ethical Advocate hotline service as part of the organization’s Ethics and Compliance initiative. The organization has built a focused practice in engineering and construction ethics and compliance. Earlier this year, FMI announced that they are the first and only associate member to be invited to join the Construction Industry’s Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI), which is a non-profit association of U.S. construction industry participants dedicated to the promotion of integrity and ethical conduct in the construction industry.

As a leader in Ethics and Compliance, FMI advocates for ethics and compliance best practices, such as ethics hotlines and training. According to Hank Harris, FMI President and Managing Director, “We implemented the Ethical Advocate ethics hotline service for our employees to voice their concerns and provide feedback anonymously. Using a third party ethics hotline is one of the most cost effective means to support ethical practices and uncover malfeasance.

We’ve recommended the service to our clients, too, and have received positive feedback. Ethical Advocate has become knowledgeable about the issues facing construction and engineering companies. They are able to guide construction companies in identifying risk areas and determining how to implement and track hotline reports.”

FMI implemented the Ethical Advocate hotline on-line and via the call center, both of which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hotline is customized to FMI’s unique operations, allowing incident report tracking by functional area and enabling anonymous interaction between reporters and investigators.

About FMI

FMI is the largest provider of management consulting, investment banking and research to the engineering and construction industry, working in all segments of the industry providing clients with value-added business solutions, including:

  •     Strategy Development
  •     Market Research and Business Development
  •     Leadership and Talent Development
  •     Project and Process Improvement
  •     Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Consulting

Founded by Dr. Emol A. Fails in 1953, FMI has professionals in offices across the U.S. FMI delivers innovative, customized solutions to contractors; construction materials producers, manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and equipment, owners and developers, engineers and architects, utilities, and construction industry trade associations.

About Ethical Advocate

Ethical Advocate provides leading governance, risk and compliance solutions supporting Sarbanes-Oxley and many other regulatory and reporting needs. Persons desiring to report incidents, indiscretions, or suggestions can do so securely, 24/7/365, with privacy and anonymity, on the Internet in 16 languages, or through its Call Center in 175 languages. Ethical Advocate also provides custom designed live and on-line Ethics Trainings and seminars. For more information, visit the Ethical Advocate website at or call 1-888-ETHICS 6.