Case Management

Ethical Advocate’s intent is to provide you with the best case management system. EA’s systems encrypt and retain all submitted information, exchanged communication between investigators and users, entered private notes, and files with a complete audit trail of activity.

We recognize it is critical for you to have a case management system that is intuitive, easy to use, tracks all relevant information and allows you to closely monitor, delegate and investigate all submitted reports.

Our Case Management system easily integrates with the incident reporting pages, providing you the capability to track reports from inception, through investigation, to resolution.

Ethical Advocate’s data security is in the upper echelon of website security, and your encrypted data it is available 24/7/365 for review, reporting, last minute reports and all other uses.

Over 5.5 million users across all sectors trust Ethical Advocate to be the right place to do the right thing.

Case Management Features and Benefits

  • All your hotline and web reports are seamlessly integrated, creating an easily accessed central data repository
  • Have a single integrated repository of reports from your other internal sources, e.g. Audit, Compliance, HR and for reports submitted by your employees through other mechanisms
  • Only the right eyes see reports as you control access to the data according to the access level of your reviewers
  • 24/7/365 global web access gives you real-time information for reviewing any and all reports, tracking of status, and reviewing/adding comments
  • When incident reports are submitted, your incident reviewers receive e-mail notification immediately indicating that a report has been submitted, thereby allowing you to easily determine when a report demands immediate attention
  • You can download reports in Excel and chart, graph and analyze them according to your needs
  • You have multiple ways to easily track and manage data including:
    • Geographic location
    • Operational function
    • Date
    • Report ID Number
    • To whom the report is assigned
    • Category Status
  • Easily integrates with our analytics tool to assure work-flow oversight
  • EA will comprehensively train your designated administrators to set up and monitor, delegate and case manage all the submitted reports
  • Ethical Advocate’s hosted software-as-a-service assures you don’t have to buy and install costly software or servers