Government agencies and contractors must protect themselves internally and demonstrate to their employees, elected officials, the people they serve and the public that they have excellent compliance programs.

Following suit, state and local governments throughout the country are implementing ethics and compliance programs to address the legal, moral, social, and environmental issues that they continually face.

Ethical Advocate (EA) customizes its government solution to every client’s specific risk exposures and is structured to meet the profoundly changing needs of Federal and local agencies and government contractors. For government contractors, EA provides:

  • Hotline and ethics trainings assuring the highest level compliance with the FAR 3.10 Contractor Code of Business Ethics requirements
  • Compliance with the revised OMB Circular No. A-123 mandate on “Establishing Management Controls”
  • Compliance with the OGE mandate requiring employees to disclose waste, fraud, abuse, or corruption

With over four decades of leadership experience, Ethical Advocate provides you, your employees, and stakeholders the right place to do the right thing. System users can anonymously and confidentially report incidents from anywhere in the world via our website or our 24/7/365 call center (with 175 languages supported).

Over 4 million users across all sectors, including government, trust Ethical Advocate to be the right place to do the right thing. Put us to work for you to ensure the only news that is heard about your organization is about how extraordinarily it serves the public.