While receiving incident reports is essential, you must also have the ability to easily examine them to understand your organization’s full spectrum of risk and governance vulnerabilities.

Ethical Advocate provides you a self-generative, user friendly, robust reporting and analytical capability enabling you to create detailed reports for internal analysis. Our customized system gives you the tools for finely tuned governance, risk and compliance analytics, the power to quickly pinpoint unethical acts and easily determine vulnerabilities and overall trends.

Analyzing your organization’s incident reports is essential in understanding your organization’s risk, compliance and governance weaknesses. Ethical Advocate’s analytics provides detailed analysis of any vulnerabilities your organization faces based upon submitted reports.

Web-based and easy to use, EA’s analytics generate data, multi-colored reports, charts, graphs and tables ready for your presentations.

Reports are easy to generate and can be analyzed by:

  • Your customized categories/subcategories
  • The incident reporter’s relationship to your organization
  • Financial impact to your organization
  • If management is identified in the submitted incidents
  • The report status (e.g., new, open, investigation, decision, resolution)
  • Severity
  • Location, division and other subject

System Features and Benefits

  • Only people you give access to can enter the system and generate reports
  • 24/7/365 global web access gives you real-time ability to analyze data and create reports
  • Integrates reports from multiple locations and divisions to provide a complete overview for your organization
  • Your custom analysis helps you identify trends and react in real time to any risks and vulnerabilities
  • Information is 128-bit SSL encrypted, safe and can’t be altered
  • Easy to view graphs and charts reflect all data and are ready to print at your command
  • EA will comprehensively train your designated administrators to analyze and produce reports
  • Ethical Advocate’s hosted software-as-a-service assures you don’t have to buy and install costly software or servers, nor trouble your IT personnel

Millions of users across all sectors trust Ethical Advocate to be the right place to do the right thing.