Protecting You

Leveraging World Class Security

Do you feel secure with all the data you have stored? With Ethical Advocate you can, as we leverage world-class security and accessibility solutions provided by our parent company, KJAS Inc., including security software, appliances, and knowledge.

We are committed to keeping your sensitive information confidential, isolating all data behind a firewall on a secure site with continuous monitoring. Our site is constantly monitored for intrusions and attacks. All client case reporting is encrypted.

Ethical Advocate underwent a rigorous security audit conducted by a third party auditor based on the credit card industry’s stringent standards designed to protect consumer information with the highest level security. This audit was undertaken to assure the security and privacy of sensitive data and confidential information transmitted, processed and stored by Ethical Advocate’s application.

The audit affirmed the superior protection enabled by the Ethical Advocate application and resulted in Ethical Advocate receiving a high-level security certification, placing it in the upper echelon of web sites for security. We achieved this significant milestone to ensure our client’s trust in knowing that all data is maintained and communicated within the highest security levels available.

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