Educational institutions have constituencies as broad and diverse as the largest companies, including students, faculty, parents, employees, donors and alumni.  For universities with research and medical centers, enterprise risk management is fraught with landmines including research, HIPAA, environmental health and safety, animal care, privacy, fraud and abuse, auditing and human resources.

With over four decades of leadership experience, Ethical Advocate provides you, your institution and all its stakeholders the right place to do the right thing. System users can anonymously and confidentially report incidents via our website, or our 24/7/365 call center (from where we can translate into 150 languages). From these candid observations, you can then receive first hand reporting of these costly behaviors.

Our highly customizable system encompasses the diverse needs of K-12, colleges, and universities and gives you the tools for finely tuned governance, risk and compliance analytics, the power to quickly pinpoint malfeasances and easily determine vulnerabilities.

Ethical Advocate has further distinguished itself in the market by working with a team of psychologists and communications specialists to understand the psychology and motivation of courage and to consequently develop positive mechanisms encouraging people to do the right thing – even when they feel threatened by doing so.

Over 5.5 million users across all sectors including educational institutions trust Ethical Advocate to be the right place to do the right thing. Put us to work with your institution to ensure the only news heard about it is how it produces excellence in its students, faculty, research, and in all its endeavors.