Public and Private Companies


50% of all U.S. companies are victim to fraud at any given time with the average company losing 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. The bitter pill to swallow is that the majority of perpetrators are internal with many being from the ranks of senior management. And most companies are also beset by other misconduct, lying, falsification of records, harassment, substance abuse and discrimination.

According to the latest reports from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, employee tips are (by far!) the most effective method to unearth fraud and other disturbing events, far more effective than internal audits, external audits, and internal controls. Ethical Advocate provides you, your Board of Directors and your employees the right place to do the right thing. System users can anonymously and confidentially report incidents via our website, or our 24/7/365 call center (from where we can translate into 150 languages).

Our highly customizable and scalable system gives you the tools for finely tuned governance, risk and compliance analytics, the power to quickly pinpoint unethical acts and easily determine vulnerabilities.

Ethical Advocate has further distinguished itself by working with a team of psychologists and communications specialists to understand the psychology and motivation of courage and to consequently develop positive mechanisms encouraging people to do the right thing – even when they feel threatened by doing so.

Over 5.5 million users across all sectors, including public and private companies trust Ethical Advocate to be the right place to do the right thing. With over four decades of national and international executive leadership, putting us to work for you will help you ensure the only news heard about your company is how it is a shining example for how a successful company should be lead.