Client Protection

Protecting Your Organization with the Highest Rated Service

Imagine an insurance policy that would protect your organization against fraud and other malfeasances. Third party incident reporting systems are (by far!) the most effective method to uncover fraud (and other unethical acts). They cut the cost of fraud in half and incidents are found in almost half the time! And, incident reporting systems can be used for much more than fraud; Ethical Advocate’s system can be customized to address any and all issues you want, including harassment, discrimination, environmental impact, workplace safety, product or service efficacy, just to name a few.

Over 75% of employees see unethical acts in the workplace but most are afraid to report them. Ethical Advocate gives organizations the means to collect this valuable information with the comfort of knowing the information won’t be compromised. When incidents are reported that relate to top management or elected officials, an organization can choose to have Ethical Advocate’s notification delivered to an audit chair, committee, or other closely associated people. This closed loop notification ensures that issues won’t be swept under the covers just because they involve upper management.

We give you the means to address concerns quickly! The Ethical Advocate system gives your incident reviewers the ability to address issues in real time. When an issue is submitted, your incident reviewers receive an immediate e-mail notification. They and the person submitting the report also have the ability to communicate without limit via the system to assist in the investigation, with the user remaining anonymous.

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