Reporter Protection

Feel Safe, Be Secure

We know that many employees know about unethical acts they would like to report but won’t, even with internal hotlines. Why? Because they are afraid to; afraid of retribution, retaliation, being ostracized and being terminated.

Now, with Ethical Advocate’s solutions, you can rest assured knowing that you may submit a report anonymously.  Our internet and phone accessibility, encryption and security, and call center expertise provide you with the confidentiality, anonymity, and discretion that you need to do the right thing.

The following are just some of the processes we use and/or recommend to help you maintain your desired confidentiality and anonymity:

To complete an Ethical Advocate (EA) incident report, you will create a unique username and complex password. As you are not submitting or using your real name, the system has no way of knowing who you are. Even if you are submitting via the web, your IP address won’t be tracked.

You can use your user name and password to check on the status of your report, add more information and reply to the issue reviewer should they have any questions. All this can be done anonymously and confidentially. To remain anonymous, your report and subsequent communications should omit any personally identifying information.

Users should access the EA application via a secure computer or phone location, preferably not using your organization’s computer and phone network. If you access the EA application on a publicly available network that carries wireless, you should ensure it is encrypted before setting up an account, logging in, or submitting a report. When you have concluded your session, make sure to logout and close any browser windows you have used.

Ethical Advocate… safe, secure, anonymous