There is no halo affect surrounding non-profits when it comes to fraud and other unethical acts. In fact non-profits lose over $10 billion annually to fraud. Unfortunately, a substantial part of that enormous figure is generated from their own staff with many being from the ranks of senior management.

Not-for-profit organizations are under increasing scrutiny and it is widely acknowledged that it is only a matter of time before laws will be passed similar to Sarbanes-Oxley, requiring financial and compliance adherence.

Given that non-profits rely so heavily on external financial support, their integrity, and evidence that this support is properly utilized, is paramount.

Designed with extensive input from non-profit leadership and accounting advisors, Ethical Advocate has developed a customizable, integrated suite of governance, risk and compliance services to minimize risk for your non-profit organization. Easy to use, the Ethical Advocate service includes features and capabilities that adapt to the specific needs of your non-profit, enabling you to quickly determine vulnerabilities and overall trends.

Ethical Advocate has further distinguished itself by working with a team of psychologists and communications specialists to understand the psychology and motivation of courage and to consequently develop positive mechanisms encouraging people to do the right thing – even when they feel threatened by doing so.

Over 5.5 million users across all sectors, including non-profits trust Ethical Advocate to be the right place to do the right thing. We have worked with the highest-level non-profit leadership for over two decades. Let us work with you to keep your invaluable mission intact and to ensure the only news the public hears about your organization is in its wonderful accomplishments.