Ethics Hotline Service to Include Coronavirus Risk

Ethical Advocate (EA) expanded its ethics hotline service to include additional risk categories that have developed in 2020. These service categories include Coronavirus and Racial and Social Justice. For existing customers, Ethical Advocate added these service categories at no additional cost; the additional risk management and reporting is included in their annual fee.

“We know these new ethics hotline service categories are relevant to many of our clients, as they have chosen to implement tracking for these risks. As a result, we’ve seen increased reporting specific to these risk categories.” Says Janet Hankins, founder of Ethical Advocate.

Existing clients should contact their Ethical Advocate account manager to discuss inclusion of these additional risk categories if they have not already done so. Implementation of additional risk categories is smooth and low effort, as Ethical Advocate’s report management is provided via software as a service. There is no in house software for clients to update or maintain.

For questions, prospects and clients can also email