Loudoun County, Virginia Implements EA Hotline

Monday, March 2, 2015 1:34 pm

The Loudoun government is launching a fraud, waste and abuse reporting telephone line and website, County Administrator Tim Hemstreet announced Monday.

Loudoun’s Code of Conduct requires all county employees to demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical behavior in conducting official business. And county residents and employees should feel free to report concerns if they believe these standards are not being met, the government said in announcing the new service, which is confidential, anonymous and secure.

Callers to the toll-free phone number, 844-845-0151, or users of the website will have the ability to submit their concerns in English, Chinese, Farsi, French, Korean and Spanish.

Submissions then will be routed to the appropriate staff member for review and investigation.

“Loudoun County is deeply committed to providing exceptional services to residents and conducting county business in an ethical and legal manner,” Hemstreet said in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to address these matters in a timely fashion and to take appropriate corrective action when necessary.”

Implementation of the fraud, waste, and abuse reporting process was a recommendation of the Board of Supervisors-appointed Government Reform Commission. The county contracted with Ethical Advocate, an independent vendor, to provide the resource for reporting concerns.

For more information, including links to the incident reporting website and telephone number, see loudoun.gov/ethics.