Fraud Fighters

You don’t need The Avengers to protect your bottom line from fraud. You need an anti-fraud program.

Organizations deploying any anti-fraud control experienced fraud less often, recorded fewer losses and shortened the amount of time the fraud went on, according to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2012 Report to Nations. Organizations get the most bang for their buck from:

  • Creating an ethical culture discourages employees from engaging in fraudulent and unethical behaviors, and encourages others to take action when they see abuses. Learn more here.
  • Instituting employee education programs that help employees understand what fraud is (and isn’t), how it impacts the organization and their own livelihoods, and how to report is critical to the quest to reduce fraud. Learn more about our executive and employee training options.
  • Deploying fraud and abuse hotlines. The majority of actionable tips comes from employees. Setting up an anonymous hotline for employees and vendors make it safe and easy to report abuses. Read about how we helped Venoco build web-based and telephone fraud hotlines.

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