3 Ways an Ethics Hotline Can Prevent Injury

An ethics hotline can be an instrumental resource for today’s companies as leaders look to build transparency, loyalty, and trust in the workplace. The existence of a hotline alone can reinforce ethics as a priority, reducing risks of unethical conduct and providing an anonymous outline for reporting. But an ethics hotline is also a proven mechanism for promoting safety in the workplace. And in many cases, it’s the ethics hotline that reduces workplace injuries. See how launching an ethics hotline in your business can benefit your safety guidelines and maintain compliance.

1. Employees Can Report Faulty Equipment

Depending on the nature of your business operations, there might be equipment and workforce tools causing safety risks. From faulty hand carts for delivery teams to malfunctioning machinery on a plant floor, when the equipment fails, there is an increased risk of injury. However, having an ethics hotline and educating employees to use it whenever they suspect a safety issue can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Here are just a few examples of workplace equipment that can fail or malfunction, resulting in injuries:

· Machinery

· Forklifts

· Power Tools

· Electrical Systems

· Sharp or Hot Surfaces

· Vehicles

Call attention to any faulty equipment immediately, allowing enough time for repairs and needed replacements. And stay ahead of trips, falls, injuries, and near misses by delegating everyone to report concerns.

2. Workers Can Report Safety Violations and Misconduct

If your company is focused on safety, you’ll likely have guidelines and requirements in place that align with OSHA standards. And while you take careful steps to facilitate safety training and enforce best practices, employees can still be tempted to cut corners. When you have an ethics hotline, however, you can encourage teams to anonymously report the unsafe behavior of others. Some of these unsafe practices could be taking place in your company:

· Absence of PPE

· Misuse or Disuse of Safety Guards

· Ladder or Climbing Violations

· Improper Handling

· Hazard Communication Issues

· Horseplay

Managers can address issues of non-compliance before they lead to costly fines or workplace injuries.

3. Clients, Vendors, and Site Visitors Can Report Concerns

Another way an ethics hotline can help reduce and prevent workplace injuries is through reporting from those outside of your organization. Visitors or guests can spot inconsistencies or safety concerns. And your company vendors or clients might also become aware of unsafe practices. The hotline allows anyone to call attention to issues they perceive or witness, providing you with the insight needed to facilitate investigations and make safety improvements.

Reduce Your Compliance Risks with an Ethics Hotline and Ethical Advocate

Make 2024 the year of improved workplace safety with an ethics hotline! The benefits are robust and include cost savings, proper evidence collection, and improved company culture. Additionally, the hotline can be an added layer of safety enforcement. Start leveraging all the benefits of an anonymous line for reporting suspicious or witnessed ethical and safety concerns. Stay ahead of costly or catastrophic violations. And Ethical Advocate can be your hotline partner. Contact our team to start exploring your options, and let’s get an ethics hotline set up for your company!