How Ethics Hotlines Improve OSHA Compliance

Ethics hotlines are used to create a safer workplace for everyone. They also help improve OSHA compliance, which is always in a business’s best interests.

When OHSA guidelines aren’t followed correctly, a business could face massive fines and lawsuits. By using ethics hotlines, it’s much easier for companies to keep track of how well guidelines are being followed before the worst happens.

Uncover Cutting Corners

Cutting corners is nothing new. However, it sometimes comes at the cost of the safety of employees. This can mean providing sub-par safety equipment to save money or simply not providing it at all. By threatening employees, business owners and managers try to save money by skirting OSHA compliance regulations. They only comply if they suspect they’re going to be investigated.

With an ethics hotline, employees can anonymously report issues. Or, if business owners don’t have an ethics hotline, employees can file an anonymous complaint directly with OSHA.

Identify Areas Of Non-Compliance

It’s important to train all employees on OSHA guidelines and standards. This allows employees to uncover areas of non-compliance to help businesses avoid costly accidents and fines. For instance, an employee may notice that safety signs aren’t in place or certain types of equipment aren’t being provided for specific jobs.

This doesn’t always mean a business doesn’t want to comply. But, it’s easy to overlook things. Having employees filing reports through an ethics hotline helps a business stay on top of the requirements.

Report Employees Ignoring OSHA Guidelines

Sometimes, employees like to cut corners to save time. For instance, if they’re walking through a warehouse for just 5-10 minutes, they might skip putting on a reflective vest and hard hat. However, accidents can happen in less than a minute.

Even worse, if one employee is ignoring OSHA guidelines, others start to follow. Suddenly, OSHA compliance isn’t important to the majority of a company’s employees. All it takes is one report through an ethics hotline to stop that first employee from continuing to violate guidelines. With that employee stopped, others don’t try to copy them.

Encourage Overall Safer Work Practices

When businesses implement and train employees on an ethics hotline, everyone knows that everyone else is paying attention. This means people are less likely to cut corners or ignore OSHA guidelines. Not only does this improve OSHA compliance, but helps to create an overall safer workplace.

Businesses Are Held Accountable

Much like with employees, businesses know that an ethics hotline will uncover issues. This means businesses are held accountable more than ever before. Instead of trying to cover up issues, businesses instead invest in better policies and training to ensure employees are following all OSHA guidelines correctly.

By having a way for people to report problems, businesses know they can’t hide anything for long. After following the rules, they realize they actually save money. Plus, employees are happier and stay longer, further reducing costs related to training. This shows businesses that maintaining OSHA compliance helps the business and employees. A safer and more ethical work environment is always better for everyone involved.