Why Every Foodservice Business Needs an Ethics Hotline

Today’s foodservice industry businesses are finding new ways to thrive. The pandemic forced a host of changes you might not have been ready to make just yet. Maybe you’ve adopted doorstep delivery options for your restaurant or have a hybrid remote workforce as part of your food distribution company. Whatever your business model looks like now, there could be even more to consider changing. And ethics hotlines are becoming the must-have addition to any foodservice company in 2022. Here are a few key reasons why.

Because There Are New Engagement Dynamics

In foodservice, you’re also in the people business. But the dynamics of how you engage others, staff and customers included, is entirely different now. Your dine-in restaurant might now include a roster of delivery drivers taking food to customers’ homes. How you greet and serve guests in your establishment might require masks and social distancing. This is a new environment for your employees and guests alike. Having an ethics hotline means you always have a channel for inappropriate or unethical behavior reporting.

Because People Are Desperate

This isn’t a new concept. People, including guests and employees, are inherently good. But when people are in a bind, financially or otherwise, they’ll resort to all kinds of things. Today’s economy has hit households hard. And for some, desperation to survive might include stealing from a cash drawer or taking home, unpaid for plates of food. Don’t presume everyone is out to steal from you. But to be prepared to encounter more desperation than you’re used to consider having an ethics hotline for anonymous reporting.

Because Safety Implies More Than It Ever Has Before

Safety in the workplace has always been a priority for the foodservice business. But there are new safety risks to contend with these days. You’ll have a policy for COVID-19 exposures and quarantines. You likely have guidelines for social distancing among guests and staff. And sanitizing best practices are far more complex now than just hanging a “wash your hands” sign in the restroom. Because there are more gray areas for potential mishaps, having an ethics hotline can help address any potential safety concerns you might not see yourself.

Because You Have a Business to Run

You’re more vested in your foodservice business now than you’ve ever been. And you have a laser-focused ambition to keep evolving your way to success. What you don’t have time for is babysitting and micromanaging. But you also know not catching instances of fraud, ethics, safety, sexual harassment, and theft can destroy your business. The ideal solution is the ethics hotline which allows you to anonymously delegate reporting responsibility to your staff. Coach them on what is expected and what is prohibited. Then encourage them to report any unsavory instances they may experience or witness in your absence.

Don’t let your foodservice business get blind-sided by any of the potential risks that come with today’s industry normal. Implement an ethics hotline today and let Ethical Advocate be your guide. Your bottom line will thank you.