Top Ethical Companies

Most corporations have developed ethical programs to guide business practices, develop more trust with the public, and motivate employees to perform better and produce higher quality work. Ethisphere, an ethical training and research organization, recently recognized more than 120 companies that have committed to a high standard of responsibility. Here are six of the companies with high ethical standards with background on their ethics:

3M Company – Industrial Manufacturing

The 3M Company incorporates an ethical system based on honesty, integrity, promise keeping, fairness, respect, concern for others, and personal accountability. While the company doesn’t list every ethical concern in its Code of Conduct, leaders encourage employees to make sound, ethical decisions that follow the spirit of the program and follow the company’s core values.

Aflac Incorporated – Accident & Life Insurance

Aflac Inc. takes its ethical program past the company’s own behavior and business practices. The company only purchases from and contracts with companies that are in line with Aflac core ethical beliefs. The company demands a high level of trust based on quality, suitability, service, price and efficiency. The company also practices what it preaches. Aflac leaders instituted a policy that treats vendors with the same respect and equity as it demands from the contractors.

Allstate Insurance Company – Property & Casualty Insurance

Allstate Insurance Company bases its reputation and customer success on its ethics program. The company’s core ethical statement shows the importance Allstate places on its program.

“Success depends on our collective culture of ethics. We are proud of our reputation, which we have built on the sturdiest of foundations: integrity, honesty, caring, accountability and superior performance.”

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company – Oil & Gas, Renewables

As one of the world’s largest pipeline service providers, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company doesn’t have the luxury of compromising ethics. Its decisions impact the lives of thousands of residents. That is why Alyeska developed sound, ethical quality standards based on the ISO 14001 family of guidelines. Company leaders demand high quality work, inspections to determine how the company’s processed affect the environment, and a clear focus on doing no harm.

Applied Materials, Inc – Electronics & Semiconductors

Applied Materials, Inc. takes a similar approach to Alyeska. The company views its corporate objectives as equal to its responsibility. Applied states that it “works to make a positive contribution to the communities where we live and to the world around us.” This program includes giving back to the community through local investments and jobs, scaling back its resource usage, and committing to diversified hiring.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co – Insurance Brokers

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co works with clients in an often-unethical field. Insurance brokers are one of the most untrusted industries in the U.S. Gallagher commits to taking responsibility in its own company but also the industry in general. Executives believe their actions will help bring the field back to ethical standards and improve the public’s view on insurance brokers.

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