Top 10 Reasons to Offer a Whistleblower Hotline

We’re fond of certain things.  Hotdogs at baseball games.  The changing faces on the Wheaties box.  Popcorn with butter at the movies.

Since ‘Top 10’ lists are also favorites, we thought we’d offer the Top 10 reasons to offer a whistleblower hotline at your company in the form of an anonymous website and hotline reporting process.

1.           “Ethical corporate behavior” and “equality in the workplace” are part of your company’s mission statement, not just words in a pro forma policy.

2.           It’s required under a federal or state law that is applicable to your business.

3.           It helps good employees put the greater good of the company ahead of any personal fear of recrimination.

4.           It’s the proven method for increasing early reporting of suspected problems.

5.           The sooner a suspected problem is reported, the sooner you can begin an investigation.

6.           It’s less expensive for your company to address problems that are the subject of a whistleblower hotline tip than it is to discover the situation during a government audit.

7.           It reduces the risk of learning about the problem through a lawsuit filed against your company.

8.           When you make a whistleblower hotline part of your company’s daily business environment, you deter the kinds of acts that would be reportable.

9.           As your hotline becomes part of your training on ethics and discrimination, your workforce becomes a partner to the company to support ethics and equality.

10.      Morale is higher and attrition is lower at companies that respect employees by listening to what they have to say.

While you might rank one of these higher or lower than another, you’ll have to agree that these are ten solid reasons to institute a whistleblower hotline at your company.  Ethical Advocate is the trusted resource to help you set up, implement, and run an anonymous hotline and website submission process for those who want to make an anonymous report to the company.  Hotlines are good for employees, good for corporate governance, and good for those higher goals.

In fact, we couldn’t come up with one good reason not to institute a hotline.