Prevent Retail Theft With These 6 Solutions

If you’re running a retail business, you’re keenly aware of how prevalent and high-tech retail theft can be. You’re careful to take precautions, of course. But you’re always on the lookout for better ways to control theft. Today, we’ll help you reduce the risks and costs associated with this abhorrent and unavoidable problem. And theft is another reason why so many retailers are turning to ethics hotlines.

1. An Unorganized Store Layout Invites Theft

The first step to preventing retail theft is organization. Keep your store tidy and organized, including displays and shelf products. When things get messy or crowded, it creates blind spots within your store. And shoplifters will have an easier time pocketing without paying if you don’t have complete organization to spot disruption.

2. Common In-Store Shoplifting Tactics to Watch For

The most common method of shoplifting is concealment, whereby perpetrators try to pocket or hide merchandise on themselves or within a bag. Be mindful to spot shoplifting behavior, though, since every thief works differently.

· People who routinely look at the ceiling may be trying to spot cameras.

· Some shoplifters carry merchandise openly at first before stuffing bags and pockets.

· Shoplifters will try to avoid eye contact and interactions, trying to blend in with a crowd.

3. Installing Security Cameras and Mirrors

You probably have some security cameras or mechanisms in place. If you don’t or if you’re not properly using your system, now’s the time to do so. Use cameras wherever possible, including in entryways and throughout the store. And if you can’t put a camera in every nook, be smart about installing mirrors that help improve your visibility.

4. Keeping Your Online Store Safe

It’s important to also take precautions to protect your store’s online engagements. Because millions of shoppers finalize purchases online, digital shopping is a high target for scammers, hacks, and data breaches. Make sure you’re using security software and have robust mechanisms in place for protecting customer and store data. Credit card information, along with critical identification information, can be stolen just as easily as a piece of physical merchandise.

5. Train Staff to Spot and Manage Theft

Another way to reduce the risks and occurrences of theft in your retail store is with proper training. You might have more staff working during a  peak shopping season and expanded hours of operation. Make sure you conduct thorough training for existing and newly hired teams about spotting, preventing, and managing theft. Outline precise steps to take and include how to involve the authorities to keep everyone safe.

6. An Ethics Hotline Is Huge for Retailers in 2024

There is a growing trend of retail business owners turning to the incredible advantages of an ethics hotline. These on-line and toll-free numbers are made available to your staff and the public, encouraging people to anonymously report suspicious behavior or concerns. It’s a way you can deputize others to help keep an eye on your store. And it can prevent costly instances of theft, along with other ethics policy violations, including harassment, discrimination, and fraud.

Prepare your retail store for reduced theft using these insights and tips. And call Ethical Advocate to get your retail business set up with an ethics hotline.