Measure the Effectiveness of Your Ethics Hotline

In today’s companies, it’s not good enough to simply launch an ethics hotline. Leaders and business owners are recognizing the importance of the hotline analytics in measuring its effectiveness. You can use the metrics from your ethics hotline to inform all kinds of company decisions, including identifying ethical risks and cost-effectiveness. Here are some key points to consider when determining the effectiveness of an ethics hotline. And these analytics can be telling about ethics in your unique business model.

1. Incident Reporting Rate

Take a close look at reporting rates. And if the trend is on the increase, then management can be assured that employee confidence and trust in the function of the hotline is also trending upward. The return on this boost of reliance is the willingness to report unethical incidences, which in turn creates a more positive work environment and adherence to ethics policies.

2. Response Time

Gauging the turnaround time when complaints or concerns are reported is another key factor to measure. The time it takes to funnel an official report through investigation and final determinations can tell you the effectiveness of your ethics hotline. There should be clear guidelines outlined and followed once a report is submitted, regarding timelines. And except in extenuating circumstances, reports should be identified, investigated, and closed out promptly.

3. Resolution Rate

The end goal of a report through the ethics hotline is the resolution of the complaint. Monitor the percentage rate of those complaints that are satisfactorily resolved or investigated thoroughly through the ethics hotline. The data indicates that reports are taken seriously and foster positivity and accountability among the employees. These hotline metrics can also point to risks averted, saving your company money.

4. Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Offering employee surveys is an excellent way to encourage feedback about your ethics hotline efforts. Gather information and opinions, and determine the very purpose of the ethics hotline, which is employee confidence in reporting ethics violations. Employees feel a sense of purpose and investment when they are involved in creating positive changes within the organization.

5. Repeat Reporting Rate

When reports concerning the same issue or employee are submitted repeatedly, it might be a good time to assess the efficacy of the ethics hotline process and the company’s policies and procedures. It could be something easily resolved, such as clearer language in the policy or protocol or an added component to the ethics training materials. But it can be essential in identifying bigger ethics breakdowns within your company, too.

6. Case Outcome Analysis

A successfully closed investigation usually translates to the correction of the behavior and an employee understanding of the policies and protocols. However, there is always room for improvement. Data analyses provided by ethics hotline cases are useful tools for continuing compliance monitoring.

7. Benchmarking Against Industry Standards

Industry standards can be a great starting point in benchmarking your company’s hotline effectiveness. Benchmarking gives companies a standard by which to assess how well their ethics hotline and associated policies are measuring up to industry standards.

8. Training and Awareness Efforts

Getting the word out about the available programs within the company is a great way to encourage awareness of the ethics hotline. Giving employees access to literature, training sessions, or other educational options further reinforces the importance of maintaining usage of the hotline. And your ethics hotline metrics can tell you if you need to improve or evolve those training and awareness efforts.

Let Ethical Advocate Help You with Hotline Analytics

Keep an eye on your company’s ethics hotline data and analytics. Insights you learn from these metrics are pivotal to maintaining an ethical workplace. If you need help with your ethics hotline reporting efforts, Ethical Advocate can help! Contact us to learn more about reviewing hotline data, and we’ll make sure these powerful insights inform how you grow and run your business effectively.