Improve Company Culture with an Ethics Hotline

No matter how great the pay and benefits are at a company, the company culture can make the best employees leave. The good news is companies can retain highly skilled employees and improve company culture with an ethics hotline.

The key is to create a culture that makes employees feel happy, more productive and committed to your company’s values. A hotline helps to ensure that everyone lives up to those values for a better workplace environment.

Prevent Employees From Compromising Their Ethics

Employees won’t feel happy or excited about their job if every time they walk in, they feel as if they’re compromising their own ethics. Someone who feels strongly about telling the truth may feel anxious, angry and even depressed if they’re constantly told to overlook ethics issues. It’s even worse when they’re encouraged to do unethical things, such as helping commit fraud, lying to customers or being asked to ignore whistleblowers or help push them out.

An ethics hotline allows employees to report things that compromise their ethics. Instead of ignoring or participating, they’re creating a better company culture.

Give Everyone A Voice

The easiest way to improve company culture is to give everyone a voice. When employees feel like they’re not heard, it makes them feel sad and resentful. An ethics hotline gives every employee a voice. They can speak out anonymously or directly. With clear ethics reporting policies, employees feel safer speaking up to help make the company better.

Eliminate Toxic Elements

Having to constantly deal with harassment of any kind, being treated poorly and watching other employees participate in unethical behavior creates a toxic workplace for employees. Companies are often completely unaware of these toxic elements until someone reports them. All it takes is a handful of bad employees to create a toxic company culture.

Improve company culture with an ethics hotline. Let employees report these toxic elements so the company can review them and act to remove them.

Empower Employees To Improve The Company

Employees love when they get the chance to make their workplace better. An ethics hotline empowers employees. Suddenly, they’re able to report ethics issues to start making the positive changes they want to see. As ethics issues are taken care of, employees are better able to do their jobs. Plus, your company attracts better employees and more customers while possibly increasing profits as well. All of this makes the company better for everyone.

Address Underlying Ethics Issues

Ethics issues like fraud, harassment and cutting corners lead to profit losses over time. Unless a company investigates, the company might punish all employees by reducing raises, cutting hours and even laying off people. With an ethics hotline in place, employees can report underlying ethical issues that may be destroying the company from the inside.

As these issues are dealt with, companies see employees being more productive and working better as a team. Instead of punishing employees, only those who are causing the issues are punished. Everyone else reaps the rewards of a better company culture.

When every employee has the chance to help reduce ethics problems, everyone wins.