How an Ethics Policy Attracts Applicants to Your Retail Business

When you demonstrate how much you care about your retail business’s ethics and employee well-being, your staff will care, too. And in today’s hiring environment, the best talent is looking to work with only those companies that prioritize ethics in how they produce, outsource, service, and engage. If your retail business doesn’t have an ethics policy, or if you believe your policy standards might be outdated, adopting and developing a fresh guide will help you attract new applicants.

Even Small Ethics Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Running a retail business is not for the faint of heart. You juggle what feels like a million tasks while you simultaneously meet every customer need and online order. Making changes to your business model or management oversight can be a tall order with so many working parts, too. But you don’t have to enforce big changes to see big results, especially when it comes to ethics in retail. Small shifts make a big difference in how your employees view your company, how customers engage your brand, and in your recruiting efforts. Making a statement, for example, regarding your company ethics policy on discrimination, harassment, and fraud, demonstrates your commitment to ethical work environments, which is attractive to anyone who encounters your business.

What Today’s Retail Workers Look for in an Employer

It’s an employees’ market out there right now, making it harder for retailers to find, hire, and retain top talent. The best workers are looking for key criteria from their retail employers, and they won’t accept anything less. To compete with other companies, you can look to your ethics policy as a way to stand out from the crowd. Entice top talent by promoting what steps you take internally to promote a safe and healthy work environment. And adding an ethics hotline to your toolbox only provides an added layer of anonymous reporting to the mix. It sends an important message to potential employees that you not only have a stance about ethics, but you take necessary action steps to execute enforcement of those policies.

Sharing Your Ethics Policy in Your Job Ads

Don’t be afraid to outline your key ethics objectives in your job ads. Applicants will explore your retail company further when they realize your ethics positioning. Share key priorities your company has regarding ethical operations and inspire candidates to apply to work in such an ethical environment.

Implement an Ethics Hotline to Support Your Efforts

You may not realize the key advantages having an ethics hotline can have in your retail business. Hotlines aren’t just for big companies and whistleblowers. They’re great tools for small and medium-sized retail businesses, as well. You will be able to keep a finger on the pulse of ethics within your organization, both in-person and online, among employees and with vendors and guests. And anyone looking for a career change in retail will be attracted to your company because of it.

If you’re ready to explore an ethics hotline for your retail business, let Ethical Advocate be your guide! From enhancing the ethical nature of your business to attracting top talent, we can help you leverage every available benefit.