How an Ethics Hotline Improves Company Hiring

Asking any business owner or company manager today to share some of their biggest challenges results in one common uphill battle – recruiting. Businesses are facing some of the toughest job markets right now and in recent years. Attracting top talent isn’t the only struggle. Retaining top talent is equally challenging as today’s top-performing employees are taking steps to improve their work-life balance, career trajectories, and working environments.

These hiring challenges may also be on your radar. And an ethics hotline could be the solution to your recruiting woes. Because an ethics hotline is designed to enforce ethical behavior and zero-tolerance for non-ethical behavior, simply having one sends a valuable message to potential candidates and existing employees. It says you prioritize ethics and your staff. And here are other ways an ethics hotline can improve your company’s hiring efforts.

Ethics Hotlines Level the Playing Field

When you have an ethics hotline in place, you essentially level the playing field across all your teams, departments, and staff. Anyone can report concerns or violations without fear of retaliation because hotlines are anonymous. So, even poor or risky behavior at a management or leadership level can be reported. New hires want to know that your company doesn’t play favorites or subscribe to office politics and chain of command when it comes to theft, discrimination, safety, and ethics.

Ethics Hotlines Put Power in the Hands of the Employees

In addition to the fairness and level playing field dynamics an ethics hotline provides, you can also promote to potential applicants that ethics management is monitored at every level, including the employee level. When candidates know you have an ethics hotline and supporting policies that deputize employees to help enforce best practices, they’ll feel empowered. And they’ll recognize that you prioritize their workplace experiences and perspectives.

Today’s Top Talent Candidates Won’t Apply Otherwise

More and more companies are looking to improve their competitive advantage when it comes to attracting top talent to their ranks. And to do so, they’re promoting company culture, employee experiences, sustainability, and robust ethics. Chances are, if you’re not promoting your strong ethics policies or reinforcement of said policies with an anonymous ethics hotline, candidates are passing you  by without applying.

Improving Companywide Communication

When you leverage the data-rich insights of an ethics hotline, you can keep an open line of communication to every corner of your business, no matter how big of a company you have. And employees are less likely to feel like a number when they know you’ve provided them with an outlet and method for reporting concerns. Layers of communication, including a hotline, demonstrate the value placed on their involvement, oversight, and inclusion.

Let Ethical Advocate Help

Yes, ethical hotlines offer plenty of advantages in reducing your company risks and reinforcing your ethics policies. But they can also improve your company’s ability to attract and retain employees, which is essential for facilitating business growth. Let Ethical Advocate guide your efforts in implementing an ethical hotline and leveraging every benefit, including improving your company’s hiring efforts.