Healthcare Ethics Violations

One industry that probably remains the most dynamic of all is the healthcare industry. From new technologies and remedies to new challenges and healthcare concerns, nothing remains constant in healthcare. And along with all those dynamic shifts in hiring, patient care, data collection, and communication, the risks of ethics violations also change. Here are some healthcare ethics concerns that might come up within your organization. And without an ethics hotline in place or robust ethics policies, you might not see them coming.

Patient Care Ethics Violations

Patients’ rights and care continue to be a priority for any medical organization. But there could be ethics violations in every layer supporting those care efforts. From bedside nursing care to data management in the billing office, how your teams approach their day-to-day activities could result in accidental or intentional ethics violations. Confidentiality, administering medication, sharing patient histories, or malpractice could happen at any time.

Interorganizational Ethics Violations

Your healthcare organization may be on top of everything related to patient care. But you could still be blindsided by an ethics violation internally among your staff. With so much attention to major concerns regarding patients, you could be overlooking the major violations that occur among your ranks. Discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and labor law violations happen more often than you might think. And if you don’t have the mechanisms in place to identify and remedy them, they could result in lawsuits, turnover, and fines.

Financial Ethics Violations

Most healthcare organizations have layers and departments dedicated to interpreting medical data, transcribing details into billable procedures, sharing information with third parties, and accessing patient billing. With so many hands touching each patient file, there is the potential for misuse and mistakes. Be mindful of your ethics policies responsible for overseeing the financial and back-office side of your services. Proper training and education are key for employees to know and understand every aspect of their own roles and how those roles contribute to overall patient care and satisfaction. Preventive ethics management on the financial side can ensure your organization stays ahead of unforeseen issues and violations that could cost you.

The Ethics Hotline for Healthcare

When you have an ethics hotline in place, you have the most accessible mechanism for oversight and reporting in every sector of your organization, from patient care to administrative. It’s the anonymous and always-available method for anyone on your teams to speak up regarding oversights, mishaps, and direct ethics violations. Early detection is key in healthcare, but it’s also key to successful ethics management. The sooner you’re aware of a violation, the sooner you can take the necessary steps to investigate and enact changes needed for improvement.

Healthcare ethics violations can happen. As your industry remains dynamic, knowing your risks can also be just as dynamic. And the best way to stay ahead of major concerns is with an ethics hotline. Contact Ethical Advocate to evaluate your current efforts and help implement the best hotline solution for your organization today!