Government Organizations Need Ethics Hotlines

Government organizations need to make the best use of tax-payer dollars. That means efficient and ethical operations. More and more local and state governments are turning to hotlines to reduce fraud and waste.

To wit: The City of Alexandria just announced that they are implementing an ethics hotline with Ethical Advocate and the N.C. Department of Transportation just renewed their Ethical Advocate contract to continue their fraud hotline, a service we’ve been providing since 2009.  The NCDOT one-year contract allows for up to two additional one-year renewal periods.

The hotlines let these organizations’ thousands of employees and stakeholders to anonymously report alleged misconduct, ethical violations, safety issues or waste related to business securely day or night every day of the year. Tips can be made via multilingual Internet- and phone-based hotlines.

Using an independent third-party provider for this service ensures complete anonymity to report incidents, behaviors, practices or conditions that they may believe to be illegal, unethical, unsafe or otherwise detrimental to agency, state, or local government business.

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