Excellent Employee Hotlines

Too often, we struggle to meet minimum requirements.  We become a weekend warrior to prepare for our first 10k, but walk part of the route because we decide – en route – that we just want to finish.  We go on a spring diet, but after the first three pounds, we say that’s good enough.

But, what if we equate statutory compliance as a minimum and set our goal on inspiring our industry to all new standards?

This is exactly what many of our customers have done when they put their organizations ahead of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements for anonymous reporting for federal contractors.  These organizations approached Ethical Advocate to partner with them for their anonymous reporting system.  The FAR Amendments include a required, publicized, internal reporting mechanism, such as an employee hotline, to allow anonymous reporting of improper conduct.  Many of our clients were ready to implement this standard, even before it became a statutory requirement.

One standout client even became part of the industry conversation on ethical standards through its founding membership in the National Defense Industry Association.  A group of 50 members, NDIA shares best practices in ethics and compliance for the construction industry.

It’s exciting to work with clients that are ready to embrace compliance and take it to a new level.  Through its anonymous reporting system provided by Ethical Advocate, a number of tips have been received, investigated, and successfully resolved.  These organizations not only purchased the Ethical Advocate services, they integrated those services into their corporate culture of compliance.

And just think of the added benefit.  If there had been a situation that required government notification or a government audit, those that are staying ahead of the requirements are poised to present best-in-class practices as part of that submission.  They are in a position to rapidly comply with any details of new government standards without any risk to their existing and future government contracts.

When you think about government compliance requirements as minimums, you become the runner who gets in shape and wins the race by running through the finish line and saying, “What’s next?”  With Ethical Advocate as your partner in compliance for employee hotline reporting, you’ll have both the personal trainer and the cheering section to help you win gold.