Ethics Training

Ethical Advocate provides ongoing training on ethics and compliance topics for employees, in person and on-line.  Such training helps support a culture of ethical behavior and also keeps awareness of policies and programs high.  Quite often, ethics and compliance officers help develop these training programs for employees, identifying the areas that need to be addressed, in addition to establishing the ethics hotline, investigating ethics complaints, and ensuring that policies comply with current laws, regulations, and best practices.

To keep their own awareness high, ethics and compliance officers can benefit by participating in conferences, workshops, or other meetings offered by respected professional associations and industry partners. These events offer educational sessions devoted to all aspects of ethics and compliance, to include training-related trends and best practices.  Here are two such events:

Ethics & Compliance Conference, September 24-27, 2013, Chicago, Illinois. The 21st annual conference of the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association provides “learning opportunities for ethics and compliance practitioners at all levels of professional development and from all industries and regions of the world.”

More than a few of the sessions will help keep attendees current on training-related trends.  There’s a half-day workshop on Building an Effective Compliance Training Curriculum and another one on Transforming Ethics Training into Ethical Behavior.  Shorter training-related sessions include such topics as: Aligning Communications and Training with Business Priorities and Risks, From Awareness to Application: Increase the Impact of Your Training Investments, How to Train your Board and Executive Team, Online Simulations as an Immersive Ethics and Compliance Training Tool, and more.

Compliance & Ethics Institute, October 6-9, 2013, Washington, DC.  This 12th annual event of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics offers education and networking opportunities for compliance professionals from around the world.  Sessions fall into one of a number of “tracks”: risk, ethics, multinational/international, case studies, advanced discussion groups, investigations, and more.

With over 100 sessions, there are many choices that address getting the most from ethics training: Fixing Your Ho-Hum Compliance Training, Using Social Media for Compliance Training Success, Free Online tools for Great Ethics Training, and Stress Testing Your Ethics and Compliance Program. The latter will assess readiness of program components for external review, including communications and training components.

It is clear to see that the sponsors of these major industry conferences recognize the value of training as part of a compliance and ethics program. Ethical Advocate also recognizes the value of training as part of a comprehensive ethics and compliance solution. In addition to offering confidential and anonymous ethics hotlines, Ethical Advocate’s training covers customized company ethics content, harassment and discrimination, fraud awareness, and more. Please contact us if you are seeking information about how to establish an ethics hotline, or about ethics and compliance training.