Ethics Hotline Cost

Your decision to engage an ethics and compliance solution provider should include factors besides price – like customer service. But we understand that you can’t get very far in today’s budgetary environment without a feel for the cost.

If you are considering a hotline, here’s what we need to give you an accurate cost estimate:

  • Number of stakeholders, which may include employees, customers, constituents, shareholders, and vendors.
  • Risk areas included.
  • Languages spoken by stakeholders.
  • Country(ies) in which you operate.
  • Need for online and/or phone solutions.

This information will help us understand the scope of your account and how we can help you.  An ethics hotline’s cost is considered one of the “most cost-effective control mechanisms” for fraud, as described by the ACFE’s 2012 Report to the Nation.   So, keep this in mind as you are evaluating the cost and whether to move forward in implementing a new hotline.

To request a quote, contact us via phone or email:

Call: 1-888-ETHICS6