EA Helps Government Contractors

If you work for or with a federal government agency, we can help you meet anonymous feedback systems and ethics requirements related to:

FAR 3.10: The Federal Acquisition Regulations 3.10 requires many government contractors to have ethics policies, programs and training in place.  Our solutions fit the bill.

FAR 52.203-13(b) and (c): All contractors awarded a contract for more than $5 million over 120 days or more must have a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct within 30 days of awarding. Additionally, all contractors except small business and commercial item contractors are required to have a business ethics awareness and compliance program, an internal control system, a periodic review procedure and an internal reporting mechanism within 90 days of contract award. We can help you develop the programs necessary to meet these requirements.

FCPA: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is designed to curtail bribery and corruption by American businesses. A rigorous ethics and compliance program is much less expensive than being fined, losing government contracts or going to jail.

Contact us to learn about how we can help you meet federal requirements for agencies, departments and contractors.