Business Continuity for Ethics Hotlines

Hurricane Sandy has cut a mind boggling path of destruction where pictures clearly don’t do justice, from flooding in Manhattan to beach front houses that were wiped out to people who lost a loved one.  While clients, suppliers, friends and family are cleaning up from the mess, we’re reflecting on how important it is to plan ahead.  To ensure our business is productive during any similar clean-up, business continuity planning is essential.

We consider disaster recovery and business continuity as a top priority for our hotline service.  Many of our customers have people throughout the US and world.  Even when things stop in one region, they continue moving in others.  We know how important it is to make sure your ethics hotline, programs, and systems are available when your people need them.

Beyond providing a hotline with 24 x 365 and multilingual language coverage, it’s important to stay operational during a disaster, such as Hurricane Sandy.  We’ve established systems that have redundancies so even if disaster strikes, your Ethical Advocate system will be available.  Contact us if you’d like to discuss these provisions for your hotline or to get started with a new ethics hotline.