Boeing workers busted in illegal drug sweep at plant

In the news Thursday, September 29, Federal Drug Enforcement Administration officers arrested dozens of former and current Boeing workers for dealing and using drugs.  Boeing learned of the drug use and sales through a report to the company’s ethics hotline.

Employees who use drugs can impact product and service quality, workplace culture, and their own and others safety.  The news report indicates ‘Vito Guarino, acting Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge, added: “These sales placed the individual abusers as well as society at large at risk.”’.  The products made in this plant are aircraft used by the military.

Companies that have fraud hotlines should implement them to track personnel concerns, such as the one identified at Boeing.  In addition to hits on workplace safety and product quality, personnel concerns sometimes lead to fraud and financial concerns.  When someone has an uncontrollable drug or gambling habit, they need to find a way to fund it.  For example, late last year, reports surfaced that an Iona college nun who served as Chief Financial Officer, stole $1.2 million from Iona to support her gambling habit.  The financial return in implementing a hotline for personnel concerns is tremendous, especially given the fact that it costs little more money or time to implement the hotline for additional risk areas.