Anonymous Hotline Customer Care

In an ideal world, everything goes right. But in the real world, problems and challenges arise. When that happens, a lot of companies have a rote process — often involving a phone tree — that treats all customers the same. It’s unfortunate when that perpetuates bad service, of course, but it’s not much more satisfying when customers with different needs and values are handled identically. That one-size-fits-all solution that a lot of companies use to handle customer queries ends up hardly fitting anyone.

Nobody wants to be a treated like a number, or made to pick one from a menu.

Our ethics hotline clients represent a range of sectors with varied values, regulations and needs. That’s why we created a client support approach that enables our representatives to address specific questions and problems as directly and effectively as possible. Real people take your customer service calls and emails and aim to resolve them in 24 hours for administrative or training issues. But don’t take our word for it.

“I’m impressed with the company, the anonymous hotline system and the professionalism of everyone I’ve dealt with at Ethical Advocate.” Bill McDermott, VP and CFO, Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.

According to an anonymous survey of our clients required for our General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, we got a 96 on customer service. We’re striving for 100; they tell us it’s impossible to get. But we’re going to try.