How Ethics Hotlines Can Improve Industrial Sites

Manufacturing, production lines, and industrial contracting companies have to be mindful of safety precautions and OSHA regulations. But there are other ethical risks to also consider, including theft, harassment, discrimination, or other concerns. An ethics hotline can be the one resource your company needs to improve all of the above. And when your organization has an ethics hotline in place, you can expect additional layers of improvements throughout your job site and operations.

Improve Jobsite and Workplace Safety

Use an ethics hotline as an extension of your already robust safety regulations and procedures. An ethics hotline serves as an anonymous reporting channel for anyone to use. This means that staff, front-line workers, job site vendors, and visitors can report suspected safety concerns or violations anytime. And being alerted to faulty equipment, personnel not wearing PPE, or other concerns means staying proactive in preventing safety incidents.

Improve Manager and Subordinate Communication

An ethics hotline is a welcome addition to your industrial workplace as it becomes a communication tool. Anyone reporting a perceived violation of ethics relating to theft, harassment, insubordination, or discrimination can do so without fear of retaliation. Reports allow you to investigate and remedy any unethical scenarios, thus improving the jobsite dynamics. And this open line of reporting will help you improve the flow of information and communication between managers and staff.

Improve Productivity with Boosted Company Culture

When everyone working for you feels their voices are heard, and that you prioritize their well-being as employees, your company culture improves. Just the presence of an ethics hotline sends the message to anyone associated with your organization that you take ethics seriously and have laid in the protections to safeguard a positive and ethical workplace. When your company culture improves, you have happier employees. And happy employees become fiercely loyal and more productive in their roles.

Improve Company ROI with Reduced Ethics Risks and Violations

An ethics hotline in your industrial workplace has its financial benefits, too. Because reports can be made effortlessly and anonymously, you can expect to stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues, staving off lofty fines for violations.

The metrics an ethics hotline provides can also help you spot potential risks and trends over time, allowing you to make operational improvements to reduce ongoing compliance risks.

Let Ethical Advocate Setup Your Ethics Hotline

Your industrial, manufacturing, or production facility has to operate seamlessly, with each individual contributing to the overarching objectives. Implementing an ethics hotline can help you with those smooth operational efforts in a big way. With protections for your staff, reduced risks, and improved safety, an ethics hotline can become the ethics safety net your organization needs to stay competitive. Let Ethical Advocate be your ethics hotline partner! Our team can assist in preparing, launching, and facilitating your hotline for maximum results and benefits. Contact us and start leveraging every available advantage of an ethics hotline for your industry jobsite.

Learn more about the many benefits of an ethics hotline in today’s industrial workplace and connect with Ethical Advocate to get started!