4 Ways to Improve Your Hotline

You wouldn’t neglect to change your business model to keep up with current trends, right? Over the last year, you’ve likely embraced new ways to engage customers online. Your technology adapts as new innovations roll out, as well. And when it comes to your ethics hotline policies, the same methodology applies. A lot has changed over the last year. Make sure your ethics hotline policies adjust with your company dynamics of today. Here’s how you can improve your ethics hotline standards.

Update Policies to Include Today’s Issues

Today’s ethics policies are different from those of five or ten years ago. If you’ve amended your current policies recently, you’ll also want to revise your ethics hotline policies. And more importantly, you’ll want to issue new communication within your organization to remind staff, vendors, and guests what you encourage them to report. Reporting fraud or financial issues is one thing. But today’s employees might also encounter bullying, harassment, workplace safety concerns, and new forms of discrimination. Make clear distinctions and offer transparent definitions about what constitutes a violation, according to your policy updates, so everyone knows what is considered a reportable offense.

Update Policies to Extend to Remote Working Environments

Since much of today’s business is conducted online, you’ll need to make sure your ethics hotline supports the digital marketplace. And with more staff working remotely, there is increased opportunity for virtual mishaps. Don’t presume that bullying, bias, or discrimination can’t occur with online engagements. And encourage anyone who might encounter such violations to anonymously voice their concerns via your ethics hotlines.

Update Ethics Policies to Include New Reporting Channels

Technology and communication have evolved, which is why your ethics hotline reporting channels should evolve, too. Making it easy and convenient to raise a hand will encourage your teams to do so. Modernizing your ethics hotline means eliminating obstacles within the reporting process, including any limits to how someone can report an issue.

A Reliable Source for General Company Feedback

Another way to improve your ethics hotline and simultaneously encourage more widespread use is by promoting it as a method for general company feedback. Your teams might have unique perspectives or insights into company operations, allowing them to spot challenges before you do at an executive level. Consider encouraging everyone to use your ethics hotline for more than just anonymous violation reporting. It can also be a great channel for people to offer general company feedback, solutions, or point out problems. Capturing intel related to operations and company processes can be a good way to demonstrate to your teams that you value their opinions and perspectives, as well.

Take a look at your ethics hotline policies to make improvements. And if you need help developing a more efficient reporting process, let Ethical Advocate help! In today’s modern company environment, having a safe, reliable, and anonymous way for anyone to report concerns will ensure your business continues to improve and avoid costly violations.