4 Ways Having an Ethics Hotline Works With Temps

An ethics hotline isn’t just meant to protect one type of employee. Whether you’re dealing with full-time, part-time or even temps, all employee types benefit.

The object of ethics hotlines is to protect employees from unethical actions of other employees and the business itself. These hotlines also help protect the business.

1. Makes All Employees Equal

Typically, if a temp filed a complaint against a manager or full-time employee who has been there for years, no one might believe the temp. After all, people might just think they’re trying to get someone fired so there’s a full-time position free.

However, an ethics hotline doesn’t distinguish between employee types. Everyone’s equal. Reports are typically anonymous, meaning a temp isn’t going to be written off just for being a temp. Instead, their reports are treated as important as any other reporter’s submission.

By having an effective hotline in place, all employees feel as if they’re equal and deserve to be treated equally. Taking reports seriously means all employees are treated equally.

2. Improves Accountability

Sadly, temps are often used a scapegoats. Unethical employees who are afraid they’re about to get caught may place blame on a temp. Since the temp is new and doesn’t have a solid reputation, it’s one employee’s word against another.

However, with an ethics hotline in place, all employee types are safer from misplaced blame. This is because all employees know that if they try placing blame, they’re likely to get reported and investigated. Multiple reports from temps and other types of employees ensures businesses know who’s really at fault.

3. Creates A More Ethical Work Culture

When ethical problems are left unchecked, it breeds a workplace culture filled with distrust, disrespect, fear and anger. It’s not a place anyone wants to work. It could also leave you going through temps quickly. Temps won’t be able to work well with employees who aren’t willing to trust them with anything.

Instead, an ethics hotline protects all employee types by helping them work together better. There isn’t distrust between supervisors and employees. Your employees don’t see every temp as someone trying to take their jobs.

By creating a more respectful and trust-filled culture, employees feel safe asking questions, helping each other and growing the business as a team.

4. Uncover Hidden Issues

Sometimes, employees are too afraid to use your ethics hotline, even if it’s proven to be effective. Whether they fear the person causing problems or they can’t afford the possibility of losing their job, they stay quiet. This might mean they’ve asked fellow co-workers to keep quiet too.

If you’re using temps and train them on your ethics hotline, they might go ahead and report problems they witness. Without any existing ties to current employees, they’re able to report the issue without fear. This helps the rest of your employees too. Often, temps can spot problems that others might not notice or are too afraid to mention.

All employee types in your business benefit from ethics hotlines. Creating a more ethical workplace starts by encouraging all employees to use your hotline when needed.